By private jet to Jerez de la Frontera

By private jet to Jerez de la Frontera

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The Phoenicians called this area Seres, the Romans Ceret, the Moors Xerez or Xeres. The addition of the name de la Frontera (on the border) indicates that the region was located between the Islamic and Christian parts of the Iberian Peninsula – and that it was fiercely fought for. In 1248 the area, including the city of Jerez, became the property of the kingdom of Castile.

Arrival by private jet

Jerez de la Frontera is located in southwest Spain, in the autonomous community of Andalusia. The city has around 213,000 inhabitants. The international airport Aeropuerto de Jerez is about twelve km away from the old town; a taxi or limousine takes about 20 minutes. The distance from London Luton to Jerez is about 1.740 km; a private jet covers this route in around three and a half hours. If you want to book a private jet, then you are at the right address with the private jet professionals from! We have many private jets to choose from. The specialists at will also be happy to find a suitable hotel and transfer for you.

Vino Jerez

Jerez is known to connoisseurs for its sherry, which is produced in this area. Sherry, which is called Vino Jerez in Spanish, owes its name to the city’s Arabic name, Xerex – pronounced Scherez. This drink is a dry white wine that is mixed with brandy and subjected to a special aging process. During this maturation, which can take up to 30 years, young and older vintages are mixed according to an ingenious principle. This blending balances out bad vintages and results in consistently good quality. Incidentally, the alcohol content is then between 15 and 18 percent.

Alcazar de Jerez de la Frontera

The oldest and at the same time most famous building in the city is certainly the Alcazar de Jerez de la Frontera, a Moorish fortress from the 11th century. The almost square complex is surrounded by a 4-km-long wall. Within the walls are, among other sights, the last remaining of the former 18 mosques of the city, including their minaret, a large defense tower in the Arab Almohad style (because it is octagonal) and an Arab bath. Since everything is quite well preserved, the visitor has a nice insight into the life of the Moors during that time. A visit to the Palacio de Villavicencio is interesting for children – there is a camera obscura here!

Race track
Circuito de Jerez

A nearby excursion destination is the Circuito de Jerez race track, about 12 km or 20 minutes from the old town. Between 1986 and 1997 seven Formula 1 races took place here with interruptions, and Michael Schuhmacher also succeeded in having his name on the list of winners.


There around 15 km or a 20-minute ride to Playa del Valdelagrana – and thus to the Costa de la Luz. The coast of light, which is around 200 km long, encompasses the entire southern Spanish Atlantic coast, from the Spanish-Portuguese border in the northwest to the British Gibraltar in the southeast. Seemingly endless dunes with fine, powdery sand are waiting for you!

Jerez de la Frontera by private jet

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